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On Air Personalities

Gwiba Nkonki

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Host of Umyezo we Reggae/Siyabakhumbula

1.    Define Gwiba to us?

I grew up in the dusty streets of Mthatha, raised by my single (late) mother in a small one room which was also a tavern and a spaza shop. As a true Gemini, I’m a people’s person, whose core attributes include communicating and interacting with diverse groups of people. I’m a simple, original guy who is passionate about music, broadcasting and sports.


2.    Who inspired you to love radio & why?


A lot of Radio Transkei Presenters. Where I grew up (in Mthatha) it was right next to Radio Transkei. My home was a tavern, so a lot of them chose my home as a hang - out place. So I got to know many of them. They would always speak about what they did and I then grew interest and love for it.


      3.   What does radio mean to you and what drives you to do what you do?

Radio is an important source of reliable information and provides high quality entertainment that it easily accessible to anyone and anywhere.

The connection between the listeners and a Presenter is special and I value it so much.


4.    If you were not on radio, what would you be doing?

I would be involved in soccer. Either in Communication or in marketing. Sport is my 2nd passion.

5.    What would you like people to remember about you?

As a well - mannered, humble and hard working person who loved people.




6.    State 5 facts that we don’t know about you


·         I’m very shy and an introvert.

·         I am O.C.D (Have obsessive compulsive disorder).

·         I’m into soccer coaching.

·         I love binge watching series.

·         I’m a very private person.


7.    What’s your favorite ’90s song that you still listen to?

That is a very difficult question to answer. I have so many songs that I still listen to from the 90’s.


8.         What is the best gift you've ever received?

My son Liqhawe. He is the best gift God has blessed me with.


9.    What are your social media handles?

Twitter - @gwiba_nkonki

Facebook – Gwiba Nkonki

Insta - @gwiba nkonki


10.  What role has Umhlobo Wenene FM played in your life?

Umhlobo has shaped and boosted my career in big way. Umhlobo has also moulded me to have self – belief and be a better total radio broadcaster.


11.  Umhlobo Wenene FM turns 60 years this year: what does being part of this massive and successful brand mean to you?

To be part of this magical brand that plays a vital role in the lives of millions of people is something I am grateful for and treasure so much. I am part of its history and that is super special for me.



12.  Give us 5 of your clan name?


Ntlane, Nqabane, Mangele, Dingi ,Ntlanga, Bheko.



13.  What is your favourite traditional meal?



14.  Last but not least : give us a message for your listeners


Thank you so much for your continuous support. We are nothing without you. May you be blessed at all times. Much love and respect.

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