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Putco Mafani

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Ezemidlalo Presenter

. Putco Mafani, a fun loving, people loving communicator of multi-faceted talents.

2. Umhlobo has helped me reach out to audiences which I would not have otherwise reached ordinarily for selling the kind of person I am on and off the radio.

3. I was inspired by quite a number of Radio Bantu broadcast forerunners like Dambile Tuswa, Given Ntlebi and Fikile Lubisi. These were great broadcasters with unique voices and an impeccale degree of creativity during my childhood and my youth stages.

4. Radio is my life and all I dreamt of since I was 7 years old when I,  as a child, was caught having opened a Radio set because I wanted to see the people inside who spoke my language so well.

5. If not on radio I would spend my time accumulating so much wealth thru farming so I can spend more time listening to the radio. 

6. A creative quick thinking, light approach broadcaster who uses fun and laughter to drive serious points home.

7. Track entitled "Get Down" by Black Box

8. Five Facts About Me

8.1 Choir Trainer and Conductor with Music Theory Distinction 

8.2 Saw my father for the first time at his funeral 

8.3 Out of 9 years at Bethel College, the first 5 years I used to wet my bed every night.

8.4 My weekend passions apart from watching or playing golf, are singing, interpreting sermons and preaching.

8.5 As much as I fail sometimes but I equally rise and try again.

9. Best gift ever received was to be born in the Mafani family.

10. Facebook: Putco Mafani

       Twitter: Putco Mafani

       Instagram: Putco_Mafani

11. Tshawe

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