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On Air Personalities

Mafa Bavuma

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Host of Zibuzwa Kuthi

As we are celebrating 60 years of Umhlobo Wenene FM get to know me ,better

1.    Define Mafa Bavuma to us

Mafa Bavuma, my name Mafa means ‘Inheritance’, I think I was given this name because, I’m the last born at home.

2.    Who inspired you to love radio and why?

I was inspired by the late UWFM presenter, Lifa Msimang and the legendary Zolani ‘ZB’ Bongco, through their style broadcasting, and the music they were playing enrich my knowledge and the love for music.

3.    What does radio mean to you and what drives you to do what you do?

Being the eyes and ears of the listeners, and I’m encouraged by the appreciation and the love shown by our listeners. I love being the carrier of news and being their entertainer.  

4.    If you were not on radio, what would you be doing?

Strangely, uMfundisi, their actions and the command they possess on the pulpit, fascinated as a Sunday Scholar, I used to see myself in that stage when I grow up

5.    What would you like people to remember about you?

A rural boy who inspired those who grew up in disadvantaged circumstances, and that your background can never determine your future or destiny.

6.    State 5 facts that we don’t know about you

·         I’m the youngest in the family of 9

·         I was baby switched at birth (but my mom quickly, noticed)

·         I grew up as a loner

·         I was scared to approach girls till I was 16 (hahahaha)

·         I’m fragile and sensitive

7.    What’s your favorite ’90s song that you still listen to?

Girl you for me - Silk

8.    What is the best gift you've ever received?

A bible from my dad when I was 7.

9.    What are your social media handles?

Mafa Bavuma (Facebook) Mafa Bavuma (Instagram) mafa_bavuma (twitter)

10. What role has Umhlobo Wenene FM played in your life?

Placing me on the spotlight and opening different opportunities for me, i.e my visit to NY, inspired me to write a personal Biography, and being nominated to the board of the Nelson Mandela Museum. I strongly believe had it not for my association with the station I would have achieved these and other things that I have managed to.   

11. Umhlobo Wenene FM turns 60 years this year: what does being part of this massive and successful brand mean to you?

It gives me goose bumps, to know that I have also contributed to the growth of this big brand that I grew up admiring and dreaming of being part of.

12. Give us 5 of your clan name?

Tshonyane (my original clan name), Tshawe (where my grandfather, and my father were raised at), Ngqosini (my mom clan’s name), Sthathu (my Grandma, mothers side), Dlamini (My Grandma, fathers side).

13. What is your favourite traditional meal?

Dumpling and Stew

14. Last but not least : give us a message for your listeners

Thank you for the undying love you show to the station and us, praise us when we do right, yet constructively criticize when you not happy. 



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