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On Air Personalities

Rev.Nomtamsanqa Rweqana

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I am teacher by profession, a Minister of Religion by calling, a soldier by choice.

Who are you?

I am Nomathamsanqa Rweqana, born in King Williams Town. I am a sociable person who likes making friends. One thing that people do not know about me is that I am shy and have a high sense of humour. I enjoy a good laugh.

What show do you host?

Radio is my passion, I am comfortable behind the mike, especially when handling religious topics and helping the under  privileged, the oppressed and downtrodden. At the present moment, I am hosting a program that gives hope to the under privileged. It starts at 3h00  to 5h30 am, and addresses the present plights experienced by the unemployed masses of our country who live in dire poverty. As it is at early hours of the night, most people who  are sick, are wide awake thinking about their daily pains. They get hope, advices, prayers, inspiration and consolation from the callers who phone in.  Although it is a very emotional program, it has immediate good results  and encourages listeners to help each other during the times of need. The name of the show is ndingu Yehova igqirha lakho.

When and how did your career start?

I started Radio work in 1995 with Radio Xhosa now Umhlobo Wenene.  It was and still is an opportunity of a life time that enriched my faith and spiritual life. It boosted my love for others and encouraged me to help others who are in poverty. Being a teacher and a Minister of Religion helped me in my endeavours to be a good listener and treat others with passion and understanding. I cannot say who influenced me, but my work amongst poor communities gave me the drive to seek a job that can enable me to reach as many people as possible. The answer was wrapped behind the microphone. So is the story of my passion that keeps me going every day.

What have you achieved thus far within your career

My best accolade is to be loved by God who gives me energy to keep on helping His people and the smile on a faces of a less fortunate people. That accolade blesses me and keeps me grounded and appreciating the love of God that penetrates to others through the works I do in Christ.


Besides radio, what do you do?

I do charity work whenever I get chance, visiting different communities.


 “No man is an island.”




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