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Co-Host of iBrakfesi Eyondlayo Ekuseni

Who are you?  ……..

Born and bred in East London, Sports fanatic to the core. I have always loved sport, as a kid was dreaming of playing professional sport be it cricket, rugby or football and I ended up with a microphone in my hand instead.

What show do you host?

Ideally I would like to think I’m their (listeners) eyes when commentating or reporting from the venue and of course informed, entertained as well. As a part of BEE (06H30 – 09H00 Monday – Friday) I would like to believe that they get all of the above with ease.

When and how did your career start?

It started in 2006 when I joined CKI fm(now known as Trufm), I was a weekend Sports Show host, before that I just started out at Gonubie Primary School as a Sports Master. Well, there a lot of people who were my biggest influence, people Darren Scott, Peter Davies, Hugh Bladen, Martin Tyler, Peter Bacela, Nieberg Magwa and Zingisile Mathiso

What have you achieved thus far within your career? What are your career highlights?

BEE winning the Best Breakfast Show PBS, I am yet to receive an award and I don’t think Awards or accolades are the way of weighing my success in the industry.

Besides radio, what do you do?

Well nothing under my name but I have been a contributor to many, and just too many to mention but I believe that one day will have my own foundation which will be some form of giving it back.I am very good at keeping names, I don’t forget easily. I can Impersonate just about anyone

“You can do anything you set your mind to”


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