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Lusanda Mbane

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Lusanda Mbane

·       Who are you?  Define Lusanda Mbane to us


A spiritual being living a human experience.  I am love, I am light and I am excellence personified. An award-winning Actress who has gained prominence for playing lead roles in leading SA productions.  A Radio Host who is on the airwaves to make waves. An Entrepreneur.  A sought-after and celebrated Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational Speaker. A Social Activist.



·       What show do you host on Umhlobo Wenene FM?


123 Pholaz Mon - Fri



·       When and how did your career start?


My educational background consists of a B.Com Marketing and Communications, coupled with a post-graduate qualification in Entrepreneurship.  My career began in the corporate space where I climbed the corporate ladder up to Executive level, heading up Marketing Departments and at one stage starting up an HR Department in the Engineering and Telecoms industries, before taking the leap of faith and pursuing the entertainment industry on a full-time basis. The rest, as they say…



·       What role has Umhlobo Wenene FM played in your life?


UWFM has given me a platform, a wider reach, and has allowed me an outlet to showcase my creativity while playing the role, no matter how small, of a change agent and using my voice to help the voiceless to be heard.  This is who I am and what I stand for, so aligning with a brand that I grew up listening to, that is as credible and as caring as UWFM, can only mean a recipe for maximum impact.



·       What are your career highlights?


Ø Award-winning Actor for “Outstanding Lead Actress”

Ø Head of Marketing & EXCO member in the Engineering Industry

Ø Board Member: Port St. John’s Development Agency (2017 – 2020)

Ø Founder of “Zazi Zithande Zithembe”, a social movement, founded in 2012, which advocates for self-awareness, self-love & self-confidence

Ø Brand Ambassador: South African Airways & Brand South Africa

Ø Brand Ambassador: Vodacom SA (The Khumalo’s 2015)

Ø Radio Host : Umhlobo Wenene

Ø As a Speaker, I have spoken to large audiences of international organisations such as MTN, Clientele Life, Imperial Logistics Africa, Makgabaneng International Creative Arts  Festival (Botswana), etc

Which radio legend inspired your broadcast style and why?


There is no one specific person. I have found pieces of inspiration every step of the way from my days of growing up in Butterworth, listening to Radio Transkei and mimicking the various Presenters and News Readers. I started to see myself as a broadcaster when the new age, lifestyle kind of radio emerged around 1998 when I first arrived in Johannesburg.  It was the “post ‘94” radio which symbolised higher levels of freedom: freedom of expression, - of association, - of speech.  This kind of radio really appealed to me and influenced my brand of radio.



·       What would you like people to remember about you?


I would like to be remembered for having lived a life that is full, a life lived in capital letters, highly punctuated, in full colour.  I would like to also be remembered for my love of humanity, grounded by family.  Lastly, I hope that at the end of my life, I will have passed on to millions of people the values that I live by “Zazi Zithande Zithembe”.



·       State 5 facts that we don’t know about you…


Not sure about 5 facts, but I can tell you the following:


Ø My best moments in life are the times spent alone

Ø I am a myriad of contradictions.  To this date, no one can be sure if I am the serious type or playful type 😊

Ø I do not walk alone




·       What is the best gift you've ever received?


“Your talent is God’s gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift back to God.”  I am most grateful for my talent and the privilege of waking up every single day to do what I love and live in alignment with my purpose.  The bonus is the gift of family, my family, which seeks to understand and support ever aspect of my gift.



·       What are your social media handles?


Facebook: @lusandambane

Twitter: @lusandambane

Instagram: @lusandambane

TikTok: @lusanda_mbane



·       What is your clan name?


Nobetha, MaHlanga, Mqiya, Mndlovu, Mntande, Mfaz’ obelenye phesheya komlanjana


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