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On Air Personalities

Zintle Mbusi

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Co-Host of the popular SJL Show

As we are celebrating 60 years of Umhlobo Wenene FM get to know me Zintle Babe-Zee Mbusi better

1.    Define Babe-Zee to us

I am a vibrant prayerful woman, a woman who has dreams that sometimes I feel they are bigger than me but hey they are dreams and they will come through. I would say I am an open book because what you get is what you see, I am fitness fanatic a business woman who dreams of unity amongst women. I am mother to my son a sister to my four siblings an aunt to my nieces and daughter to my parents u Zamela no Nothozamile Mbusi.I am public relations practitioner. I am hardworking strong woman

2.    Who inspired you to love radio and why?

Oh may her soul rest in peace Zola ka Somajiza was my inspiration.Whenever I talk about my journey and radio I always make mention of my first phone call ever that I made on radio at the age of 10 with a stolen phone just to hear her voice saying hello Bhabha.Her relationship with listeners made me wanna do radio just like her.

3.    What does radio mean to you and what drives you to do what you do?

Wow I always say to people what I love about radio is the fact that I get to be myself while at work .Yhoo radio is my therapy the minute I get behind the microphone I forget about anything and everything that has nothing to do with what I am doing now.The love and the passion to learn and to share with other people is what drives me to do radio

4.    If you were not on radio, what would you be doing?

I would be definitely solving cases in court. I would be an attorney

5.    What would you like people to remember about you?

Well I can’t control what people must remember me about but I would love to be remembered about how I treated people and my contribution to the society.If it’s bad or good that’s for them to judge.

6.    State 5 facts that we don’t know about you

1.    I am a  very spiritual person

2.    I was never engaged to anyone

3.    I am a cry baby

4.    I love seeing other people happy and

5.    I am not good in making friends

7.    What’s your favorite ’90s song that you still listen to?

      Usizi by Slaves

8.    What is the best gift you've ever received?

My Son Sesona

9.    What are your social media handles?

Facebook page  Zintle Babe-Zee Mbusi

Instagram@ babezeeee Twitter @djzeentle

10. What role has Umhlobo Wenene FM played in your life?

The station has made me  to love even more being a Xhosa speaking person.

11. Umhlobo Wenene FM turns 60 years this year: what does being part of this massive and successful brand mean to you?

Let me first Congratulate the station for reaching this far as big brand ndiyazingca ngobayinxalenye yale brand ikhulayo ihlonitshwayo nehloniphayo.Being part of the station that you grew up listening to and also calling people you grew up admiring colleagues is a blessing I will forever be grateful to God for that.

12. Give us 5 of your clan name?

Gcwanini, Miya,Sibewu, Vezi,Skhabakhaba Salakulandelwa

13. What is your favourite traditional meal?

Umhqusho with beef stew or umleqwa

14. Last but not least : give us a message for your listeners

Uthando lwam nombulelo wam Liza kuni kokulinganayo zekuthi ke ngokungalingani kwenu lifike lithi Fit ezintliziyweni zenu.Niyathandwa ke ngu Gcwanini

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