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Lali Tokwe

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Show(s): Seza Umphefumlo

Host Seza Umphefumlo & Co-Host of Ukholo neNgqiqo


  As we are celebrating 60 years of Umhlobo Wenene FM get to know me better

1. Define Lali Tokwe to us

Lali Tokwe is a charismatic personality whose talent as a radio presenter has been housed at Fort Hare Fm, Link Fm, tru fm and presently anchors 1.6 million listeners every Sunday morning on Umhlobo Wenene fm’s Sakh'Abantwana and Seza Umphefumlo catapulting her as a national radio personality. Beyond the microphone Lali Tokwe brings her energy, stage presence & charisma to events in varying capacities as a Keynote Speaker, Preacher, Panelist or an MC to various events.

In her pursuit for purpose, Lali Tokwe has roots in the sphere of Ministry & Community Development and in both spheres she puts forth the ideas of love & preservation of humanity all enveloped by her love for God, being born again with Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

In essence Lali Tokwe embodies a professional, charismatic & diverse approach to her work in the media and events. These qualities emerge from a very adaptable and flexible outlook in engaging with various stakeholders, clients and brands.

2. Who inspired you to love radio and why?

I grew up listening to radio and fell in love with various radio presenters of the time. The person who inspired me to love radio and to see myself behind the microphone one day is Ms Thobeka Buswana.
The confidence, passion, energy and the presence she carried every time she's on air made me to love radio.

3. What does radio mean to you and what drives you to do what you do?

It means being the voice. It means influence and transformation.
Purpose and the desire to impact lives drive me.

4. If you were not on radio, what would you be doing?
I would be out there being the voice using available platforms to influence and impact.

5. What would you like people to remember about you?

The impact I had to my generation.

6. State 5 facts that we don’t know about you

I love the Lord
I become nervous every time I am about to go on air
I love travelling
I love truth and justice
I am passionate about education

7. What’s your favorite ’90s song that you still listen to?
The Potter's House by Tramaine Hawkins

8. What is the best gift you've ever received?
Not sure if it's the  natural one or gift bought for me.

The gift of speaking.

9. What are your social media handles?
Lali Tokwe on all social media platforms

10.What role has Umhlobo Wenene FM played in your life?
UWFM has stretched my wings and expanded my space of growth.

11.Umhlobo Wenene FM turns 60 years this year: what does being part of this massive and successful brand mean to you?

Being part of UWFM is being part of history. It means I am the legacy. It means I am the future the station saw 56 years ago (before I joined the station).

12.Give us 5 of your clan name?
NdinguMamQadi, uMaJola, uQengeba, uThole loMthwakazi, uPhahluMphankomo

13.What is your favourite traditional meal?
White samp with umleqwa (onomhluzi ke)

14.Last but not least : give us a message for your listeners.

You are the best people in our time of radio. Radio is made by you. Each one of you is an important piece needed to complete the puzzle. Thank you for being the custodians and good stewards of this precious brand. May God bless you Bahlobo Benene. #UnomhloboMhlobo 


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