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On Air Personalities

Pastor Nozewu

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Host of iBrakfesi Eyondlayo Ekuseni

Who are you?

I was born in East London and am a child of the EC through and through as I grew up in Mdantsane, Uitenhage, PE and King William's Town mainly. I was mostly brought up by my late grandmother while my divorced mother worked around the      country as a nursing sister. I'm the younger of two boys.

What show do you host?

I am content producer and host on the weekly breakfast show, the award   winning BEE. On a daily basis, I strive to keep the listeners continuing discussing the issues we raise on the show...long after the show has ended. In their own        space and time. That makes my day, all the day, every day

When and how did your career start?


I once tried out as a petrol attendant while I was studying. That only lasted a day  and a half. In 1997, I enrolled for a course in audio visual communication. After I     completed that I did a radio presenting and production course, which led me to a 1 year volunteering opportunity at CKI FM (SABC) late in 1998. Announcers on the  old Radio 5, Capitol Radio and Bop TV influenced me to be the OAP I am today.


What have you achieved thus far within your career? What are your career highlights?


I was voted by the listeners as the best On air personality of all time at CKI FM,     back in 2005. But my biggest highlight was winning best Breakfast show at the    MTN radio awards and Alex Jay whispered in my ear and said: "that's how you do  radio and I'm so proud of you guys".


Besides radio, what do you do?

I DJ fulltime on week ends. I've become so confident as an events MC over the last two years. I've MC'd events with international acts, awards, weddings etc. I run my own Communications company: artist management, sound production(radio) and I intend developing the company in the social media marketing space in 2015. I'm currently finalizing the publishing of my first jokes pocket book (Imihlinzo). On     community development, I dream of  ploughing my knowledge and expertise back into community radio stations and teach those who would like to grow in radio.

“The more no's you get, the closer you get to a yes".-Chinese proverb


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