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On Air Personalities

Siphiwo Magoda

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I host Umxholo kuMhlobo

1.       Siphiwo Magoda

2.       Oxley Maya/Theo Mcinga who were the titans of broadcasting

3.       Radio is simple, accessible portable and affordable, news which is new, true and interesting and and added infotainment  is a driving force.

4.       I have no idea. I studied law midway, I also nearly became a teacher  but alas broadcasting became the ultimate attraction.

5.       A sober minded, honest individual, a listener who asks questions to interviewees that people have always wanted to ask.

6.       *I have never been drunk in my life and never smoked.

*I am the last born and I was born covered in a sheath. (according to my mom)

* I have travelled to six continents of the world and my first internship was a The British    Broadcasting Corporation in London

*in my earlier days as a rural boy I was a prolific stick fighter which embarrasses me when such stories of who defeated who comes out in public in gatherings where I was born and bred. (We are grown ups now)

*I have worked in broadcasting in two places only for over three decades.

7.There are so many

8. Several special countless gifts have been received, specifically from my wife and children.

9. Facebook : siphiwo magoda

10. It’s so fulfilling to be part of a trendsetter , a dedicated team who takes pride in taking the lead.

11. it’s a mammoth achievement. It has become a giant among broadcasters with a mesmerizing following and a dominating listenership. It’s no easy feat.

12. IZizi, Cubungulashe, Lubokoboko, Lamyeni, Mtatela, Ngxib'inoboya!

13. Mngqusho and tripe/Mvubo

14. Kungenxa  yenkxaso yenu sizigasa ngobunganga njengesikhululo esikhulu namhlanje!


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