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Nomonde Vakalisa

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Co-Host of Imvuselelo/Iqonga Lomculo weVangeli

Who are you? 

My name is Nomonde Vakalisa. I was born and bred in Mount Ayliff, from the village called Msukeni. I’m a rural girl through and through. I’m from a very big family of 4 siblings. Raised by my mother who isn’t married. But I had such a wonderful upbringing, my mom taught me a lot in life, that hard work pays and that I can achieve a lot in life if I focus. My mom has taught me to be patient hence my name is Nomonde. My mother is my role model I look up to her.

What show do you host?

I co-host Imvuselelo on Sundays @ 19:00-22:00 pm with Rev Faleni and Tuesdays the gospel music show Iqonga Levangeli @ 22:00- 00:00. Since it is about gospel I want them to know that God is a loving, just and faithful God not what He has been portrayed by some people. We grew up knowing Him as a very cruel God who punishes people for no reason. I want them to develop a personal relationship with God and know that nothing is impossible with God if you believe.

When and how did your career start?

I was unemployed for a very long time, I used to sell sandwiches, scones and vetkoeks . I did some caterings for the municipalities in my area, as I had enrolled for ND Hospitality @ DUT although I dropped out due to financial constraints, I can’t point out an individual it’s just a combination of certain personalities with different styles of presentation that moulded me. I liked different things in each one of them, I’m still learning in some of them to date. But I can emphasize that I’ve learnt a lot from the Radio Transkei presenters and some TV personalities they were just the naturals.My radio debut was in  2007 November at Alfred Nzo Community Radio.

What have you achieved thus far within your career? What are your career highlights?

For me talking to multitudes of listeners is the great achievement. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is a huge achievement because it is what I live for and had been my dream. Career highlights…mmmm yhooo when we started taking Imvuselelo to the people, praying for the premiere of the Eastern Cape Hnr Pumullo Masuale…who would have known? And being nominated for SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards. Knowing that the President is the fan of Iqonga Levangeli.

Besides radio, what do you do?

Almost every gospel artists that is launching an album invites me to be an MC,I also MC at corporate events, I’m a brand ambassador for Gotha Health Products. I get invites from churches to preach. I sometimes judge the gospel music completions.

Fortunately what they didn’t know about me is now in the open, when I was doing the Breakfast show they didn’t know that I’m very much involved in gospel, that I’m a preacher and a deaconess in my church as a result they are still asking if am I doing it for work?  I am a born again Christian and a full member of the church of Pentecost of South Africa. I’ve been born again since year 2000.

“you become what you believe, someone’s opinion doesn’t have to become your reality…bheka phambili ungancami press on never give up”


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