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On Air Personalities

Rev Mzukisi Faleni

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Host of Imvuselelo/Ukholo Nengqiqo


 1.    Mzukisi Faleni (rev) is who I am. The significance of the name is with the person who named you and not the bearer of the name. Born in the small town of Hankey, Sarah Baartman District, within the Eastern Cape. I am the direct creation of the people of the area of Weston, I am them and they are myself. I confess my sins in the Presbyterian Church of Africa as a predestined minister in Nyanga - Cape Town.  I studied theology in several institutions: Dip Theology (Dumisani Theological Institution), Certificate in Philosophy (Sweden, Darlana University) BA Theology (UWC), MTh (UWC), MPhil (University of Stellenbosch). Currently doing research studies on Patriarchy and Theology with the University of the Western Cape.  Have written and published three books: The Rape of Hagar, ILiso Lengqiqo-buThixo, and Ingqiqo-buThixo Yamazwi Asixhenxe. Throughout the week I serve as a Chaplain in the Department of Correctional Services. A family man and thank God for their completion in my life.


2.    The legacy and influences of Rev Monwabisi Nqiwa (Nxasana), who was one of the prodigious religious presenters of Umhlobo Wenene FM, stimulated me. He worked with great passion, enthusiasm and with a high admiration of his listeners.  No one can claim to be standing unaided, I can confess that I am standing on the extensive shoulders of Rev MG Nqiwa.  He made me to accept as true that radio is the biggest pulpit which God is using in our time and must be honoured and preserved at all times.  


3.    I believe that I would have been at an academic institution  supporting young theologians whilst enriching myself, crafting contextual and philosophical theology, had I not been with Umhlobo Wenene FM. Critical thinking in theology is what I would have been doing as my contribution to the nation and the African church. 


4.    I would be happy if people could remember me as someone who was not a subscriber of norms. Who believes in the saying that all must go through the fire of questions to prove the correctness of anything?  It is the one who is certain of that the truth is difficult to be reached. We are all operating under perceptions, standpoints and sentiments. I am not obligated to subscribe to your truth as I am entitled to my own truth. Therefore, which truth is more truthful than other truths?


(a)  I support peace and harmony that is well tested, with solid foundations and the truth that has gone through the fire of interrogations. I am driven and compassed by the life’s most persistent and crucial question that is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ My daily life struggle is putting self in other people’s shoes, particularly the under-privileged and by so doing be able to understand self in them. 

(b) When I to be in a position of strength, would use that influential status to protect the disadvantaged and never use it judge nor oppress others. Being in a position of power does not give one the right to critic and weaken others. I am willing to be humiliated for an impression that will never decease, than to be praised for a concept that will expire tomorrow. 


(c)  I do not appreciate to be easily understood, I am not others, I am myself, I should be judged not based on others, on their norms and values. When I am not understood, this confirms my uniqueness and that I am not captured by other people’s views as I am an individual. I do not want to be a reproduction of other people’s concepts.

(d) I believe that there is a sinner and a saint within me and have taken a decision to focus on the future and humbling self in the eyes of God in order to continuously receive HER amazing grace for my iniquities. 

(e)  I am happy, because I always try to be the path and a gateway to others contentment. I am not losing confidence in humankind. Humankind is a forest and if few trees are destroyed, that doesn’t mean the whole forest is demolished.


5.    The greatest gift I have ever received is the gift of my beautiful daughters.


6.    The radio frequency is a mine and sea of wisdom. The magic of imagination we use to communicate with listeners allows us to access that rich mine and swim in that sea. Radio has taught me the crucial elements of Ubuntu; of respecting our listeners without seeing them but to visualize the Imago Dei in all of them.


7.    It is a wonderful consecration to be part of such a huge and successful radio station as Umhlobo Wenene FM, and to be part of the people who are making meaningful contribution to the South African community, and serving with pride and enthusiasm.  The image of God inside that human being is God outside that person. It matters not whether the person is religious or not, the fact that the person is made in the image of God and is our listener he/she is religious enough to be treasured and that kind of religion is permanent in all human beings.  That is the foundation and the principle which is guiding me in the two shows I present: Ukholo Nengqiqo and Imvuselelo. This means, in all human beings, there is God, and also there is me in them, and in me there is them, hence they say in you, there is me, and without you, there is no me, I need to see you in order to confirm me. In Umhlobo Wenene FM,  we are serving God through the nation:  Vox Populi Vox Dei.


8.    Mkwayi, Togu, Ngconde, Tshiwo, Malangana


9.     Masiqale ngomvumbo okwangoku  


10. In the house of Phalo it is believed that, God is far and people are closer; and if someone fails to respect what God has created closer to them, how can that person claim to admire God who is far. What God has created, has God in it, and disrespecting God’s creation is disrespecting God. God who is far from the people is served and accessed through Ubuntu in the house of Phalo. There is no individual God in the house of Phalo, but God of the descendants and of the people. How can God be possessed by an individual, how possible is that? God is us, them and all! Our Father Bishop Mpilo Tutu has confirmed that God is a member of no religious establishment.


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