Date: May 19, 2023

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Umhlobo Wenene FM in partnership with Bathu is launching a co-branded sneaker. This sneaker captures the essence of Umhlobo Wenene FM but also embodies the unparallel level of quality and style that Bathu is renowned for. The essence of the partnership, which brings in friendship and sharing, enables the shoe to be accessible to the station's listeners as it is priced a R1,000, relative to most of Bathu's products. The innovation of the partnership has allowed Umhlobo Wenene FM to  "step" out of the radio norm and then be customized for the buyer to include the logo of their favorite radio station, their friend, "every step" of the way. The shoe now being associated with the station talks to how loyal listeners can now walk in and with their lifelong friend.
The Umhlobo Wenene x Bathu sneaker is for everyone that the station caters to on a daily. It can be worn by anyone from the boardroom, to the classroom. From church to tarmac. From the stage to the booth. From the streets to the world. There is a piece of everyone in the Umhlobo Wenene FM limited edition sneaker.

Quality, comfort, aspiration and brand affinity is the unique selling proposition of the UMhlobo Wenene FM Bathu sneaker in Lime, a colour directly linked and associated with the station.

Please redeem a voucher here to get your shoe today: UWFMxBathu


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