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Date: Apr 19, 2018

Mr Mnci is inducted into the Liberty Radio Awards Hall of Fame

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Liberty Radio Awards: Induct Mr Phumzile Mnci into the Hall of Fame


On the 14th April 2018 Mr Phumzile Mnci who is Umhlobo Wenene FM’s station manager was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Liberty Radio Awards .With 33 years of experience Mr Phumzile Mnci has made a name for himself in the Broadcasting Industry .An experienced radio practitioner is one of phrases that are used to describe the current station manager of South Africa’s second largest biggest radio station Umhlobo Wenene FM, with 5, 5 million listeners.

The pertinent question would be, when, where and how did this fulfilling career start?

Mr Mnci started working in Radio in January 1985 as a controller in the continuity studio at Radio Transkei. His work among other things included doing recordings in the studios and also outside broadcast both recordings and live productions. In 1989 he was promoted to Senior Controller supervising other controllers. After the integration of Radio Transkei into SABC in 1998 he was given a responsibility of Supervising Operations in the SABC   office based in Mthatha where he was in charge of Production Services, Network Control and Technical maintenance Services. In 2000 he was transferred to SABC Port Elizabeth to do major outside Productions and take charge of the Music Production Studio for both Recordings and Marketing of the Radio Broadcast Facilities in the Eastern Cape. In 2005 Mr Mnci was appointed as Events co-ordinator for Umhlobo Wenene FM. In 2006   he was appointed as Programmes Manager for Umhlobo Wenene FM. In 2012 to date this versatile broadcaster took the position as Station Manager of Umhlobo Wenene FM .Due to his experience and work ethics the SABC saw it fit to make him act as the Provincial General Manager of the SABC in the Eastern Cape .This is as from December 2017 to date.

His love for radio started way back in his early childhood days. “It was during my high school days when we visited Radio Transkei as students and interacted with Radio Presenters, News readers and Technicians. That was the time when I told myself that this is the job I want and I never looked back,” says Mr Mnci.

In his days of being a Programmes Manager he was nicknamed Dj Clock by his staff members, this is due to how he always emphasised to the programming team the importance of adhering to the clock in order for presenters to ensure that the station delivers compelling radio. Mr Mnci has always cemented that programming is the core business of radio to his entire team.


The 33 years of experience coupled with  a whole lot of management training has actually helped and shaped Mr Mnci  in making decisions in the ever changing environment, he feels he is  a different person now because of what he has   learnt in radio both at operational and Management Levels .


On the 1st of April 2012 Mr Mnci took over as the station manager of Umhlobo Wenene FM and he had a big task to turn around this big brand that was on a downward spiral .To date his success has been crafting a strategy that has seen the station gaining 400 000 listeners in 6 months after taking over in 2012. Growing the station Audiences from 3.7 million to 5.5 million in 5 years.  In his tenure the station has also received over 42 Awards including 2 times STATION OF THE YEAR in a space of 5 years.  In 2017 the station was voted by the Youth as the Coolest Radio Station 3rd Position in the Sunday Times Generation Next awards and being the first African Language Station in South Africa to receive this award.

The ability to build a very good team spirit among the staff  that he  works with both at operational and Management Levels and the willingness to learn especially in the digital radio space. The biggest challenge for him was to start a process of getting the station to be a player in the ever growing New Media Space in order to stay relevant without neglecting the rural audience or leaving them behind.

His biggest love when it comes to radio is the ability to create the theatre of the mind. In Radio unlike in television one does not have the luxury of using a camera to bring about a picture you use sound creatively to create that picture so there is a lot of creativity that is needed and Umhlobo Wenene FM has mastered this creativity.

While growing audiences is one of the key objectives for any radio station, one of the other key elements   is also generating revenue so as to create a financial viable institution.  One of his daily activities is a day when he has to negotiate a deal that brings revenue for the station and negotiate a good mutually beneficial partnership


The late Nieburg Magwa who was the Former Station Manager of Umhlobo Wenene FM has been his mentor and encouraged him to grow his career within radio. In the next five years Mr Mnci’s plans to work harder in order to reach at least the 6000 000 listener mark, he also plans to continue to serve South Africans  for the remaining years in the industry.

“Success gives me more confidence and at the same time puts pressure on you not to fail.”

Mr Mnci is also involved in community projects mainly in Sport. He is the Deputy Chairman of Jendamark United Cricket Club which is based in New Brighton Township in Port Elizabeth.  The club is the Reigning Champions of the 2017 cricket season in the Eastern Cape



The entire management and staff at Umhlobo Wenene FM congratulate Mr Phumzile Mnci on his latest achievement which is an acknowledgement of his contribution in the broadcasting world in South Africa



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