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Frequency in different locations?

You can contact the dj directly via Umhlobo Wenene FM ‘s switchboard on 041  391 1911

How to listen to the station?

Find the Umhlobo Wenene FM frequency on the Frequency Finder widget along the right hand side of the website
If your region isn't listed or if you're battling to get good signal:

Umhlobo FM is an SABC Radio Station and thereby are allocated transmitters in certain areas only. These transmitters have a designated wattage strength which allows a specific footprint over a given area only. By law, we are not allowed to exceed this allocation. You can call ICASA explaining your needs and hopefully they can help you: 011 566 3000/3001.

The "Listen Live" feature streams Umhlobo Wenene FM live via any browser on your desktop computer, laptop.   If you like you can use a link bellow  Umhlobo Wenene FM Listen Live | Umhlobo Wenene FM

Use the following Mobile Listen Live for your Mobile phone: Umhlobo Wenene FM Listen Live | Umhlobo Wenene FM

4.  DSTV Channel 818
You can also access Umhlobo Wenene FM on the DSTV Channel 818.


How do I submit music?

You can send through your music to the following e-mail address: uwfmmusic@sabc.co.za


Where can I send my proposals?

All proposals can be sent to the following email address: proposals@umhlobowenenefm.co.za


I want to play a role in a radio drama; with whom do I make contact?

You can contact the following:

Toffee Zitshu: 041 391 1332 or zitshunl@sabc.co.za

Mnoza Melane: 041 391 1118 or melanem@sabc.co.za




I want to write a radio drama; who do I contact?

You can contact the following:


Toffee Zitshu: 041 391 1332 or zitshunl@sabc.co.za

Mnoza Melane: 041 391 1118 or melanem@sabc.co.za



How can I advertise on radio?

You can access this information in this link: https://www.sabcsales.co.za/sabcsales/


There are interruptions on my radio reception; what do I do now?

You can contact ICASA : 011 566 3000/3001.


How do we get to contribute on the show?

You can do so via the contact number that the show will give and the social network for the specific show



About Us/ What is the station listenership?

Information about the station can be found here: ABOUT US - UMHLOBOWENENEFM


Information about Programming/ Shows?

All information about our shows are available in this link: SHOWS - UMHLOBOWENENEFM


Information about Events?

All information about our events are available in this link: EVENTS - UMHLOBOWENENEFM


Information about Competitions?

All information about our Competitions are available in this link: COMPETITIONS - UMHLOBOWENENEFM


UWFM Contact Info?

All information regarding contacts is available in this link: CONTACT - UMHLOBOWENENEFM






Is Umhlobo Wenene FM available in all the nine provinces?

We are available in 7 out of the 9 provinces except Limpopo and Mpumalanga


Is there a TV licence office in the Mthatha office?

Not at the present moment


How do we send death notices to the station (Imiphanga)?

We only announce death notices that officially have been faxed by registered funeral parlours 


What is Umhlobo Wenene FM’s new physical address in Mthatha, JHB, PE, CPT & studio numbers when you want to contribute?

  • 16th Floor PRD Building Southerland Street Mthatha - studio number – 0475311491/2/3/4
  • SABC Radio Park Auckland Park Johannesburg- studio number 0891104757
  • SABC LTD, Beach Road Sea Point Cape Town- studio number 0892101005
  • SABC LTD, Conyngham Road Parsons Hill Port Elizabeth - studio number 089410333


What is the procedure of making sure that my music is played on Umhlobo Wenene FM?

A registered music cd with the various music houses e.g RISA must be made available to the station’s library where internal processes will be followed like checking if it’s the suitable genre for the music format of the station


If I want to advertise on the station what is the procedure to be followed?

You can contact the sales department on 041 391 1268


Are uMhlobo Wenene FM calendars for sale?

No the station calenders are not for sale, even the calendar itself has a not for sale writing on it


It’s impossible to find uMhlobo Wenene FM‘s frequency in Pretoria?

We are hoping that during the course of the year this glitch will be fixed


I am a South African who lives abroad how I keep connected to my favourite radio station uMhlobo Wenene FM?

You can listen via audio live streaming on www.umhlobowenenefm.co.za

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