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Better Money Choices

Kobu bomi apho ufuna okona kulungele usapho lakho, awuyifuni ibhanka ekuncedisa ukusebenzisa, ukugcina noku boleka imali ngcono?

Ibhanka ekuxhobisa ngcono ekuyisebenziseni imali, apho kukho umvuzo ngokugcina imali nokubhatala amatyala ngexesha, ekunika iimveliso ezilungele wena kwaye engasokolisiyo kwimvume yemboleko. 


Yenza ukhetho lwemali olungcono ne bhanka ethatha imali yakho ngokunzulu. 


See Money Differently. Nedbank.



Intloko iphezu kwezithende luthando, uqond'ba uzobheja umntu wakho nge moto #LoveLivesHere, ungayithini eyokuyibeleka ikrwempa xa sekukubi?


Thatha izigqibo ezibhadlileyo uzisindise kwiimeko ezimbi. Umhlobo Wenen neNedbank bane mali engafika kwi R10000 ono phumelela kuyo. Sithumelele ivoicenote ku 041 391 1414 usibalisele ukuba ngawawenze njani kuze uzisindise kwi meko emaxongo akwaba wawuthathe isigqibo esingcono. Mamela ku(show) ngoba bangaku fonela ube noku phumelela kwi R5000 nenya iR5000 ukuba usebenzisa used uNedbank.  #TakeYourMoneySeriously. See Money Differently. iNedbank yi-FSP ebhalisiweyo kunye nomniki-nkonzo yeentengo zemboleko.



Please read the Terms carefully and pay special attention to the clauses that are in bold, as they may limit our liability (responsibility) or involve some risk to you.



The Competition starts at 06h00 on Monday, 17 January 2021 and ends at 09h00 on Friday, 21 January 2021 (Competition Period).

    1. To qualify as an entrant into this Competition you must meet all the following requirements:
      1. be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older;
      2. be a South African citizen who holds a valid South African identity document; and
      3. permanently reside in the Republic of South Africa.
    1. Listen to the radio broadcast on Umhlobo Wenene  FM radio station each day for the duration of the campaign (clause 1 campaign duration) and use the WhatsApp number reflected to enter, as more fully described below in this clause 3.1.1:
      1. Umhlobo Wenene FM  – 041 391 1414


  1. To enter the competition, listeners must share their story of how they could have avoided finding themselves in an awkward situation if they had made a Better Money Choice. Listeners would be encouraged to send their voicenote to the WhatsApp number allocated by the station (in clause 3.1.1). WhatsApp rates are in accordance with the entrant’s service provider.
  2. Once you meet the requirements set out in clauses 2 and 3.2 above, you will automatically be entered into the Competition.
  3. If you have won any Competitions on Umhlobo Wenene FM within the last 90 calendar days, you may not participate in this competition.
  4. If you are a finalist you may be required to provide your I.D number for verification and auditing purposes.
    1. Finalist will be selected at station discretion during each day of the Competition Period (Station Finalist). The selected finalist will be taken to air and awarded R5 000.  If the finalist is a Nedbank account holder, they will be awarded an additional R5 000
    2. The Station Finalists (winners) will be notified by a representative of MediaHeads 360 via telephone within 20 (twenty) business days after being selected as a finalist (winners) to confirm delivery of their  cash prize .
    1. We, MediaHeads 360, are the promoter of the Competition. Any reference to we/us/our includes our directors, members, partners, sponsors, agents or consultants, where the context allows for it.
    2. You cannot participate in this Competition if:
      1. you are a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of ours;
      2. you are an immediate family member of any of the persons specified in clause 5.2.1; or
      3. you are the sponsor of the Competition.
    3. These Terms are governed by the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.
    4. These Terms apply to the Competition and all information relating to the Competition (including any promotional or advertising material that is published).
    5. By entering this Competition, all entrants agree to be bound by these Terms.
    6. We reserve the right to amend these Terms.

All Prize winners, in addition to complying with these Terms and any other terms and conditions which may be prescribed by Nedbank from time to time, must comply with the terms and conditions of the organisers, suppliers and third parties involved in the Competition (if applicable).

  1. We must process your personal information to validate your entry and if you are a Prize winner to make the Prize available to you. By entering this Competition, you consent to us processing your personal information for this purpose.  If you do not consent to us processing your personal information, please do not enter this competition.
  2. We may declare the Prize forfeited (lost) and we may choose a new Prize winner, if:
    1. a Prize winner’s entry is not valid;
    2. a Prize winner has breached these Terms;
    3. a Prize winner cannot be contacted or does not accept the Prize within 7 days from the date that the Prize winner was contacted about the Prize;
    4. a Prize winner gives up the Prize or we determine that the Prize winner has given up the Prize;
  3. If there is a dispute in respect of these Terms or the Competition, our decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. If the Prize winner agrees to it, we may publish their name and/or photo in any internal or external advertising or promotional material for 12 months from the date on which the Prize winner accepts the Prize. We will determine the nature and distribution of these materials. If a Prize winner does not consent to the publication of their name and/or photo, the Prize winner will still receive the Prize.
  5. Nedbank reserves the right to use the submitted voicenotes played out on air for use in their promotional efforts. This includes voicenotes of entrants who are not selected as winners.  
  6. The Prize may not be exchanged for any other item. We do however reserve the right to substitute the Prize with any other prize of a similar commercial value.
  7. We are not responsible if your entry is not successfully submitted or a Prize winner does not successfully receive or take up a Prize for any reason, including because of a technological failure.
  8. We are not responsible for any loss or damage which you or any third party may suffer as a result of you participating in the Competition or accepting a Prize.
  9. If required by the Minister for Trade and Industry, the National Consumer Commission or for any other reason, we can end the Competition immediately with or without notice to you. If this happens, you waive (give up) any rights which you may have against us and you will have no claim against us.


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